Are you a personal trainer?
Gym owner? Or a health coach? 

This is for you!

Improve your service to your clients & boost your coaching business

with your own branded nutritious recipes!

Ask for your free client recipe booklet and

level up both your client results & coaching business.

Unbranded Recipe Booklets
What to expect

Quick Questions

  • Does it take you too long to look for healthy recipes for your clients?

  • Are you spending way too much time creating meal plans and other food-related content and not enough time using your own expertise to grow your business?

  • Do you feel like your clients do not have enough cooking/nutrition knowledge to follow meal plans correctly?

Our Mission

LUM’s mission is to help you reach your full potential as a coach by offering you unbranded monthly recipes that will save you time, boost your business, and help you achieve great client results. 

Level Up!

All our recipes are highly nutritious, adaptable to different diets, and simple to make in order to make your coaching easier and help your clients reach and maintain their objectives.​

Here’s how you will level up!

Better client results
  • By providing easy-to-make nutritious recipes.

  • By making it easier for clients to follow a balanced diet.

Reach more customers
  • By offering recipes adapted to multiple diet preferences (ex: gluten-free, vegan, high protein, etc).

  • By providing recipes available in two languages:  English & French.

Grow your business
  • By helping more clients with their nutrition without adding to your workload.

  • By branding the recipes as your own: add your logo, change the colours, create your own recipe booklet. 

  • By increasing your income with a new highly profitable revenue streams.

Level Up Now! 

Discover Our Recipe Booklets

Add your logo, change the colors,  the text .. brand it as your own! 

  • ​High-quality recipes.

  • High-quality image library.

  • 100% white-Label.

  • Recipes available in English & French.

  • Includes imperial and metric measurements systems.

  • Includes macros & calories.

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